Start Strong

Its Monday and for some reason everybody thinks they need to make their changes on this day and if they somehow mess up they should just wait until next week.  That thinking should not exist but if it does here is your reminder to start strong today.

People have this idea that cooking breakfast takes a long time and its just too difficult.  I am a huge fan of a pretty complex breakfast but I understand that sometimes this simply cannot be achieved.  Even my complex breakfast only takes around 15-20 minutes to make but I have a pretty nice rhythm to it so maybe it will take you longer.  In that case there are such simple breakfast that will set you up for a good day of food choices and make sure you are getting what you need from your food.  Robb Wolf recently said that Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee equals Love.  True story.

This morning I had my bulletproof coffee, 5 fried eggs, and some guac.  Simple but effective.  And I think guac is definitely a critical part of that equation for love.


That takes maybe 2 minutes more then making a bowl of cereal (which is not a good way to start the day) so there really is no excuse.  

In case you are looking for some more positive stories about this whole Paleo thing here is a nice blog post from Robb Wolf’s site.  Maybe life has you moving at such a rapid pace you are forgetting to stop, slow down, and enjoy life.  I know that can be a huge problem even for myself as I get sucked into the daily grind of trying to get everything taken care of.  Mark Sisson has a great post on 32 ways for slow living in the summer.  This brings me to an issue I think needs to be dealt with a whole bunch more.  Have fun, play, and enjoy life.  A couple weekends back I actually drove down to Houston just so I could go see the Lion King play with my family.  It was fantastic and I am so glad I made that decision rather then say I am too busy and need to get stuff done.  

One of the reasons I love having my dog, Roxie, with me in Dallas and both dogs when I am at my family’s house in Houston, this includes Maximus, is because I get to have fun and play with them.  Dogs understand that they need to play.  Just look at my two dogs.




And then they rest.



There are valuable lessons to be taken from other animals like play and rest are both good.  Speaking of sleep this article from The Daily Beast did a nice job of highlighting the detrimental effects of a lack of sleep.  Read that article and then answer this question.  Do you really want to end up like Rick Perry during the debates because you don’t sleep enough?  If you want to act like your drunk thats fine but then actually be drunk.  Don’t let sleep make you act like your drunk because well thats just a waste on both accounts.

Now I need to get a few things off my chest.  If you follow me on Facebook then you saw my status yesterday about a woman at the movie.  But I am going to state it again here.  When you have to hand your husband the jumbo tub of popcorn so that you can grab the hand rail to walk 4 stairs…not 4 flights of stairs but literally 4 stairs and you end up weezing for the next 5 minutes (could have been longer but the movie started so the sound may have covered it) it might be time to re-evaluate your lifestyle.  Another sign might be that you literally take up 2 seats and the people in your aisle have to jump over your legs rather then just walk by.  I was blown away by this whole thing.

Second thing on a more humorous note.  When a restaurant claims its fajitas are for 3 people I should not be able to finish it no problem.  I do eat a lot but thats some false marketing right there.  At least they were delicious.

What did I eat last night for dinner?  Just some salmon, cauliflower, and sweet potato.  A standard meal for me.




I mean you can decide if thats a lot of food.  I will say that there was nothing left when I was done.

Now I know its Monday which means the busy work week has started but make sure to take some time and just have fun and play.  Even playing video games (for like 30 minutes or so) is fine if you are having fun.  Just make sure you don’t get caught in the trap of thinking busy is better.  So get this week off to a strong start and don’t look back.  

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan or a Hobbit fan try to be a little bit like Bilbo or Frodo and just go for an adventure and enjoy.  Yes I just nerded out but I saw the trailer for the Hobbit yesterday and I am pumped. Living in the world would be fun but for now I will just get my fun from this one and so should you.

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  1. That’s def not a lot of food, it’s perfect! How many oz was that salmon? I can throw about a pound or more in a sitting, so delicious! 🙂


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