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Sorry for the hiatus but I am back and ready to blog.  Lets jump right in.

First you need to order or go to your bookstore and buy Practical Paleo.  I just got my copy the other day and it blows me away.  Its half educational, half meal plans, half meals, and half helpful 1 page tear-outs that you can’t survive without.  The author is Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites.  I have linked to her may times but seriously go do yourself a favor and buy this book.

Now I need to also send a shout-out to Jimmy Moore over at the unbelievably awesome website Living La Vida Low Carb.  He posted a link to my blog today and its attracted some new readers.  Follow him on twitter especially because he also posts great links and is one of the leaders in the Paleo community.

This post is going to be slightly long because I am about to post exactly what one of my friends sent me after trying this whole paleo thing.  I believe it works but all I really ask is that you give it a try for 1 month and see how you react.  That means measuring how you feel, look, and perform.  Robb Wolf definitely coined that phrase and approach but I could not agree more.  So now here is exactly what my friend said and I could not be prouder of his dedication and impressed by his results.

So, my Whole 30 ended on Wednsday of this week. Here is some data and various observations.

I followed the Whole30 almost perfectly except I ate a protein bar that had some soy and dairy and had a few tequila drinks and a few glasses of wine. Not much. 

1. I lost a total of 15 pounds as of this morning (technically 32 days but who’s counting. Weight loss was a goal for me though I know you wanted me to de-emphasize it. Still it was motivation enough for me to stay on it. 

2. Using a hand held body fat measuring device (we all know Hydrostatic Weighing is the gold standard) I lost 9 pounds of body fat.

3. My skin looks fantastic (though it always has) I had been developing some strange occasional rash on my back and neck that came and went and it is now gone. My only conclusion is that it was food induced and I’ve eliminated something that caused it.

4. My suit and dress pants no longer fit. I took all of them in on Tuesday to have them taken in. Told her I’d be back in 45 days 

5. The first 5 days of going Paleo was utterly miserable. I wanted to shoot myself. Thought about food constantly, was in a bad mood and pretty much hated you. I woke up on a Saturday (started the Program the following Monday) and I wasn’t in a rush to eat, felt like life would go on and really didn’t want you dead. It was like someone flipped a switch. Not being dramatic. It was that recognizable. 

6. I didn’t work out at all first 10 days. Didn’t have much energy and wanted to focus on the food and other things. Started working out lightly after that and then went 3 days a week. I’ve started back at my 4 to 5 and will visit Thousand Oaks Crossfit next week to see if my knees are up to the challenge. Swimming was my main form of cardio.

I’ve decided to keep doing the Whole30 for another 30 days. I may add some protein drinks (Found some at Sprouts that are gluten, soy, dairy and sugar free. I blend it with coconut milk, a whole cucumber, frozen blueberries and ice. yum) on occasion but plan on sticking with it as if it’s a lifestyle change. I’ll start working out more and putting on some muscle which will slow weight loss but I’m going to measure my waist every two weeks or so and not worry about the scale any more.

I have a long way to go to be healthy and fit like I want to but this has really been a gift. Thanks again. 


Thats freaking awesome.  That right there makes this entire blog worth it.  What do you have to lose by giving this a try for 30 days?  And honestly if you look through my posts you will see that the things I cook are extremely easy.  But I promise they really do taste good.  Obviously I have favorites and some meals turn out better then others but I honestly never think to myself that I want to eat a different way.  

And now I want to just do one meal tonight and break down exactly how I make it.  I have made this meal in the past and it was actually my sister who first turned me on to this meal.  Check out her blog as well for paleo information and food.  If you live in Dallas and have ever gone to either Kozy Kitchen or Company Cafe then you know this meal as the Bowl of Doom or the Deep Bowl.  This is my own version.

First peel and cut up a sweet potato.  Then place that sweet potato in a food processor and shred it up.  Turn on the skillet.  I used slightly lower then medium heat.  Add Grass-fed butter and let it melt and cover the skillet.  Then pour in the shredded sweet potato.


Let that cook for about 5-8 minutes.  You can also cover the skillet to let the sweet potatoes steam some as well.  Then you can use sausage, ground beef, ground lamb, or your meat of choice.  Normally I use ground beef or sausage.  Tonight I cut up some sausage which I bought straight from my local rancher.  Its delicious on its own but in this meal its even better.


Let this cook for a few minutes until the sausage begins to look like its a few minutes away from cooked all the way through.  This means the sausage goes from pink to more of a grayish brown color.  Once you hit that point then throw in some eggs.  I went with 4 eggs.


Then you just let that cook until the eggs are done to your liking.  I went for a nice middle ground on the eggs tonight.  I let this cook for about 5 minutes.


Then just put all of that deliciousness on a plate or bowl and enjoy.  



And feel free to throw on avocado, salsa, and even bacon.  I just happened to be out of all of those ingredients so I kept it simple.  

So there you have my very own Plate of Doom.  Perfect for after a tough workout or when you just want some good food.  

And now its time for some Olympics and Suits.  If you don’t watch Suits on USA…well you should.  Get on that but only after you take care of those other important things like food, exercise, sleep, and play.  


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