Take Advantage of Opportunities

Today I walked into Whole Foods because I needed avocados and trout for dinner tonight.  I literally walked in for those two things.  Then I got to the fish counter and saw an absolutely glorious sight.  Half of the fish counter was filled with beautiful wild-caught alaskan salmon.  And the best part…8.99$ a lb.  That is 7$ off the normal price.  So of course I saw this opportunity and pounced.  I walked out of Whole Foods with 10 lbs of salmon.  



Needless to say I will be eating a lot of salmon in the upcoming weeks.  I look forward to that.  My apartment still smells like salmon and it was pretty fantastic to come home after CrossFit and smell the salmon.  

I wanted to touch on this same topic of taking advantage of opportunities because its important.  Don’t waste valuable time but instead use those opportunities presented to better your health.  Maybe you have 30 minutes free tomorrow afternoon and rather then lay around watching television I would suggest grabbing a book such as It Starts With Food and reading outside.  Maybe plans fell through for tonight and you have nothing to do.  Don’t stay up late just to stay up late.  Turn off the television and the laptop.  Go to sleep early and get 9 hours of sleep.  Or maybe its something as simple as cutting up some onions and peppers tonight when you have a few minutes to save yourself the time in the morning.

Another opportunity I hope you have this weekend is time to get some workouts in.  It could be as simple as 6 100m sprints or 50 burpees.  I would suggest again that you find a local crossfit box and go to their free workout if they offer one on saturdays (a lot of them do).  I would also encourage you to find a local farmers market and if you have some free time and are wondering how to spend it, I would suggest checking it out.  Just walk around and get a feel for the environment or take the big step and buy something.  Ask people who seem knowledgeable.  This could be the farmers or ranchers but could also just be a fellow shopper.  I get asked virtually every week why I buy from the ranchers that I do.  I give them my reasons and try to help out as much as possible.  If you live in Dallas you need to go to the Dallas Farmers Market.  There is also the White Rock Lake Local Farmers Market tomorrow.  Take advantage of these great opportunities.

As I have said recently in this blog I have been eating quite a bit of food in order to put on some weight.  Good news in that I weighed in at 170 today after my WOD which had me sweating profusely.  How am I going about gaining weight?  I increased protein a bit but the biggest difference comes from the amount of fat I am eating.  I fly through avocados, coconut milk, coconut butter, and grassfed butter.  I also tried today for the first time Bulletproof Coffee.  If you are a coffee drinker this is a must read.  I feel like I have wasted my coffee drinking life prior to finding this.  Its wonderfully delicious and all around better for me.  I have also added in Raw Milk and like I said previously drink somewhere from 20-30 ounces a day.  I haven’t noticed any ill effects from the added dairy but I will keep a close watch to make sure of this.  The great thing about giving paleo a 30 day chance is then when you reintroduce grains, dairy, or legumes you can track the changes in your body and how you feel.

I don’t have a whole lot of exciting meals but I will post what I have taken pictures of lately.


Thats my go to beef and broccoli with guac.  It looks terrible but tastes awesome.  Maybe one day I will work on my photography skills.  But today is not that day.


This trout tasted amazing.  I cooked it in the skillet and used my Foxpoint spice on it.  Super easy and very very good.  Skin and all.


And another go to in the form of the red curry.  The fish there is dover sole.  They are very thin white fish that cook super fast and when you need food fast work perfect.  As always I like to eat this with a spoon to make sure I get all of the curry sauce.



And finally I had 4 eggs fried with one remaining trout filet.  Food doesn’t have to be difficult.  During the week especially find things that are easy and taste good.  On the weekends try to do some different and more complex things.  Also I do eat vegetables with all my meals but nothing exciting with them lately.  Mostly steaming them so I don’t really think you want to see pictures.  Ill try to be more creative next week because I am off of work so I will have some time.  

And finally I want to give myself a bit of credit for completing 20 Muscle Ups during the WOD today.  I just recently got my first Muscle Up.  This was hugely impressive for me and made my day.  A muscle up involves you hanging from two rings and getting yourself to the very top position of a locked out dip.  Youtube it and see what it is.  

Take advantage of your weekend and make some good choices.  Try to step out of your comfort zone and add in one healthy lifestyle choice.  This could even be just going for a nice 30 minute walk in the morning.  Little changes add up and end up making a big difference.  Enjoy.

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