How does your normal day of food look?

I wanted to start tonight by linking to this great article by Dallas Hartwig on sleep.  Check it out here.  This list hits the nail on the head.  Order of priorities should be nutrition, sleep, and then exercise.  I completely agree with the article when it says that if you are sleeping less then 6 hours you should not be training.  The lack of sleep causes havoc with your hormones including cortisol, insulin, leptin, and so many more.  Make sure to get enough sleep and then get into the weight room.  Turn off that last hour of television that you really don’t need and get to sleep.

Now in regards to food I want to start off with the grass-fed beef liver I made last night.  Get this from a local rancher and make sure to buy grass-fed liver.  As far as how to cook this you should check out the simple and delicious recipe from Melissa Joulwan.  Take a look here at her page The Clothes Make the Girl.  Honestly you need to give liver a shot if you aren’t currently eating it and especially give grass-fed beef liver a shot.  Its delicious.  I ate some with caramelized onions and some with guac.  Both tasted really good.



That was about 2/3 of the total amount I ate.  Seriously check out her website because she’s amazing.  And then buy her cookbook Well Fed.  Best paleo cookbook around.

And now here is exactly what I ate today.

Started off with breakfast after CrossFit.



5 eggs, sausage, onions, orange pepper, mushrooms, spinach, and guac.  Cooked in coconut oil.  My favorite thing about this meal is that every single ingredient except for the spinach came from a local farmer or rancher.  

For lunch I had beef and kale.  I cooked this in butter and added in a tomato basil sauce.


I had a lot of kale in that meal.  I want you to realize how simple this meal is and how good it taste so make it.  Buy either fresh kale or frozen chopped kale.  Cook it in butter with the beef while adding in the tomato basil sauce.  This meal takes a total of 10 minutes to make.  Even better for most people is that they don’t eat over a pound of beef so it will make more then one meal.  I am also experimenting with Raw Milk and am drinking around 30 ounces a day.  Today I had 20 ounces after CrossFit and then 10 ounces at lunch.

After work I needed to eat so I had a package of my sardines.  These are the Wild Planet brand sardines.  Completely wild caught and the best part about them is that they are boneless and skinless.  So get past your preconceived notion of how sardines look and go get a pack of these especially if you like fish.  The person who turned me on to this can be found on CaveGirlEats.  She’s awesome and my sister actually attended one of her seminars in May.  

Finally for dinner I wanted some burgers but I wanted lamb burgers.  I have raved about the garlic herb butter by kerrygold many times on this blog and tonight I cooked my burgers in it.  I also sprinkled a little bit of my Adobo seasoning on the burgers.  Absolutely delicious and the guac only made it better.


Of course that would not meet my hunger so I made some butternut squash as well.  I just threw this in a pot and boiled them.  Added a little bit of coconut butter and a substantial amount of cinnamon.



And finally I added some cauliflower covered in olive oil.


I also forgot to add that I had a blueberry and coconut milk smoothie with lunch.  Thats 700 calories of full fat coconut milk and some blueberries.  It almost turns into a desert type drink but I mostly drink this in an attempt to take in some more calories and put on some weight.

So there you have it.  Exactly what I ate today.  In terms of amounts both the beef and the lamb came close to or above 1 pound.  I don’t count calories but needless to say I ate a lot today.  And this is in no way abnormal for me.  

I want to leave you with this absolutely amazing piece by the man Jason Ferruggia called Life Wasted.  Seriously amazing and you should go read this.  I plan on writing a piece like this soon.  Ferruggia should be a person you read regularly and also follow on twitter.  Dude does work and knows a freaking ton.

This 1000 episode of Raw has been classic.  Triple H, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, The Undertaker, and John Cena all in this episode.  I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time but I picked a good night to check it out again.  And I have to say I respect these guys a ton because of the athleticism, the hard work, and their sheer dedication to building and maintaining their strength and power.

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