What are your goals?

Sitting at Crossfit today doing some mobility work before our Olympic lifting class I had an interesting conversation.  Ironically I read an article by Dallas Hartwig that touched on a very similar issue.  What’s the motivation behind eating this way or doing crossfit?  Typically it ends up in one of these categories: health, performance, or aesthetics.  Each category provides a legitimate rationale for this lifestyle.  Some people take this path because they care primarily about how they look and the saying that “crossfit makes you look good naked” attracts them.  Obviously food and nutrition go hand in hand with this.  Other people care about performance and as a college athlete and competitor I fall into this category as my primary concern.  

I also am huge on the health benefits but there are times that I may sacrifice some health in order to take part in this lifestyle I enjoy.  There are times that if I cared solely about health I would take more rest days to fix some nagging issues but I continue to push through them and deal with the issues.  My rationale boils down to the fact that I want my performance to improve and sometimes I can’t take 2 weeks off of crossfit. 

Right now I want to gain some weight so that I can increase my lifts.  As a result I will eat past the point when I am full because I need to push myself to eat more.  This puts stress on the system.  Understanding these different goals can drastically improve your ability to make the right choices in how you approach nutrition, exercise, sleep, mobility, recovery, and really a host of things.  Jason Hoggan competed in the Crossfit Games this year and at the end of every day he loaded up his tub and sat in an ice bath.  This does not even take into account the amount of time spent on soft tissue work.  

Evaluate your goals.  Then take the steps to achieve those goals.  Health should always be a part of your goals but its okay if performance or looks are primary.  Health will lead to the look you desire.  Go to a crossfit gym and take a look at the people there.  Obviously something works.

On to some food stuff.  Things have been pretty simple meal wise here.  I haven’t used my crockpot much for meals because I have been making bone broth consistently.  The health benefits of bone broth are too numerous to count.  I especially like it because bone broth contains a ton of healing properties for bone, joint, tendon, and ligament issues.  So nothing will be too exciting here but I do want to point out that all of this fish, meat, and eggs come from local farmers, ranchers, merchants (who go down to the coast on Thursday and bring back fresh caught seafood Saturday).  


That is 1 lb of grilled cod seasoned with Foxpoint from Penzeys.  I also cut up some squash and zucchini which I sautéed in butter.  


I made this Red Fish in the delicious red curry sauce that my sister first turned me onto.  I have made it clear how much I enjoy the red curry sauce but again I must stress how amazing this taste.  I actually ate that with a spoon so I could eat all of the sauce as well as the fish.


I had this plate of vegetables with that Red Fish.  As you can see this is zucchini, green beans, and baby carrots all steamed.  Then I used a nice portion of the garlic and herb grassfed butter.  The amount of vegetables I eat astounds me.  I never thought I would come to love vegetables the way that I do.  Now I find myself craving vegetables.  I have lost my sugar cravings and replaced them with vegetables.  Its crazy how your palate changes.



This meal always turns out nice.  I used ground lamb, frozen kale, and a tomato basil sauce.  That entire skillet of food…Ya I ate that for one meal.  I also had some more vegetables after covered in coconut butter.  I eat a lot.  



Here is just 2/3 of that skillet.  Don’t worry I filled up my empty plate with the final 1/3 and finished the meal without any issues.



This served as breakfast today.  What you see here: 5 local pastured eggs, red bell pepper from the farmers market, tomato from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), onions, spinach, and finally sausage from a local rancher.  This sausage taste unlike any other sausage ever.  This sausage blows every other sausage out of the water.  Completely local, pasture raised, sustainable, and humane pork that shows the chasm between local ranchers who raise the animals properly versus those in the factory farms.

So after all of this my main point tonight is sit down and examine what your goals are and how you can achieve them.  I eat this way for performance and health.  I don’t worry about the aesthetics but I can assure you that they will follow.  Ill leave you with this picture.  Squats are awesome and so are the people.  Both people behind me do amazing things at crossfit and I think the picture speaks for itself.  



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  1. OMG we should eat all meals together, LMFAO cause I eat more than 5 paleo truck drivers combined! LMFAO!


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