Electrify the boys and girls

Currently watching Tron:Legacy while I write this and I thought that scene made a fitting title.  Why do I think the title fits?  See this past weekend the CrossFit Games occurred and the inspiration from these games cannot be measured.  The athletes, teams, and events truly impressed me and I watched virtually the entire competition.  I honestly believe that you should go check out some of the archived events because you can see why I believe in CrossFit.  The videos do a great job because you can just watch the very top athletes from the final 3 rounds or watch other events.  You can find the videos archived here.

My sister wrote an awesome post about CrossFit today.  You can go read her post here.  And now I am going to give you my very own Why I CrossFit.

I love to compete.  Once I stopped playing baseball after college I took up some new sports like softball or racquetball.  I even bowl although calling bowling a sport may be a bit of a reach.  I enjoyed each of these and still do.  However, I missed something from when I played baseball and basketball at high levels where winning and losing mattered a ton.  I also found myself struggling to find motivation in the gym.  Going to the gym to lift weights and do cardio purely to look good seemed ridiculous.  I always worked out to perform better in my athletic endeavors.  During this time I must admit that I found myself at my leanest I have ever been.  But I had lost strength, functionality, and really any joy from putting in the work.

I continued to just go to the gym and get my workout done surrounded by frat bros standing in front of mirrors banging out some sweet bicep curls.  I just came to grow sick of it all.  I had also moved to Dallas for law school so the only people I knew were those people I went to law school with and that can be rough.  I found myself needing other people because I am more then just a law student.  My entire life I have had friends who shared my passion for sports and performance.  I knew I needed to find another group of people to hang out with to help my sanity.  

Luckily my sister had already started CrossFit and she loved it.  I decided over spring break to go to one of her classes at Cosmic Crossfit in Pearland.  The coaches, Mike and Krista, were fantastic and I instantly knew I wanted in.  I got home that day and searched for CrossFit near my apartment in Dallas.  I ended up settling on Crossfit214.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have ever made.  The coaches, people, and environment cannot be topped.  Crossfit truly does electrify the boys and girls.

In 3 and a half months I have made tremendous strides.  I compete against myself and others every day.  I have new friends and a place that I feel at home.  Crossfit gave me exactly what I wanted.  I must also add that I found a great box in Houston in Skyline Crossfit.  That box made me a much much better CrossFitter and again the people, coaches, and community were unbelievable.  I actually mean unbelievable because until you experience it you would never believe me.  

Now I am working hard to better my overall fitness in every area.  No longer do I worry about working out to look a certain way but instead I want to perform better and set personal records.  I have found that both my physical and mental strength improve daily with CrossFit.  I am a happier person when I go to CrossFit and on rough days everything turns around when I get into the box and get after it.  

Why do I CrossFit?  Because it speaks to me on so many levels.  


When in Maui check out Lahaina Crossfit. My sister and I went there 5 times when in Maui and again just an amazing group of coaches and people.

“The Crossfit works”

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