Weekend Meals

So this post had much more substance but for reasons unknown to me this post deleted itself when I pressed publish.  So I am now going to save some of it for tomorrow.  Instead of all my normal discussion I will just be giving you my meals as of late and will post again tomorrow with the other stuff.  This includes talking about the Crossfit games, my farmers market, CSA, raw milk, and some other miscellaneous stuff.


Leftover lamb/gyro from The Clothes Make The Girl.  Tasted awesome upon reheating.  I added some guac and then cooked up asparagus to go along with this.  An easy and quick lunch right there.  


Wild Sockeye Salmon that I cooked in the skillet.  Added some butter on top and then steamed broccoli with coconut butter.  That Salmon turned out amazing.  Please don’t waste the skin.  Cook it and eat it.  


A red curry stir fry using ground lamb and brussels sprouts.  Pretty easy to make and I really love the curry flavor.  I like to cook mine mostly covered to allow a steaming and simmering to occur simultaneously.  Cook on pretty low heat to allow this all to transpire effectively.  Also go to a farmers market and find lamb.  Eat lamb because its delicious.


And then finally some beef and kale cooked with coconut aminos.  Obviously a healthy side of guac to go along with this.  This meal never fails me.  

Again sorry for the short post but I will have much more tomorrow.  I love food and my meals.  I am now eating roughly a pound of meat or seafood plus a ton of good fats and a ton of vegetables.  Its delicious and awesome.  



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