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I wanted to just put up a post with some interesting articles that I have been reading the past couple days.  I will hopefully have a new post full of food and other interesting topics either tonight or tomorrow.  My time disappears lately as I sit in the courtroom and really can’t do anything other than listen and watch arguments.  Its making life a little rough on getting things done but the experience will be worth it and I am only here for a total of 6 weeks.

First I want to start off by sending you over to Mark’s Daily Apple for an awesome post on 12 blogs that you should be following.  Really I think you should check out Mark’s Daily Apple on a daily basis because he posts a ton of great articles.  His book The Primal Blueprint makes a great read for anybody wanting to learn more about the whole Primal philosophy.  Mark has a list of the 10 pillars of the primal philosophy.  They provide an extremely solid basic knowledge to work with in understanding the primal philosophy.  

The next article I took a look at came from the NY Times looking at how the big corporate companies are taking over the organic food industry.  This development contains both pros and cons for the consumer.  Obviously with demand increasing a need grows for higher levels of production but big companies look purely at the bottom line and often make choices that destroys the intent of organic foods.  You can read the article here.  A bit lengthy but the read definitely highlights some major issues and in fact this shows one reason why you should seek out local farmers.  The small local farms often produce their crop through organic means they just do not go through the process of the official certification.  They will also provide true transparency in talking with you about their process.  

This next article upsets me and many, many others.  The American Dietetic Association began using state legislatures to quell any alternative nutrition advice even on blogs like this one.  This story should disgust you no matter your political beliefs.  The article again is a bit lengthy but absolutely worth it.  Go read about this terrible abuse of power here.

Next you should go check out Chris Kresser and his rebuttal article on the top 14 foods to eat.  His list can be found here.  Finally I have given a short article to read.  Out of the 14 foods on that list I currently eat 9 of the 13.  I am looking to add beets in my diet.  I need to do some more research on fish eggs and find out where I can find them.  I would definitely try them though.  The more stuff I try the more stuff I like.  

The last article I think you should go read examines the internet and its effect on people.  Take a look at this article.  Once you read that article I think you would be interested to read Lights Out.  I have been working my way through this book and the effect of sleep astounds me as I read this book.  Its a huge problem in today’s society with the incredible number of work hours along with the fact that we live in virtual sunlight nearly 24/7/365.  Our body follows a natural circadian rhythm and responds differently to summer lighting.  Summer lighting tells our body to load up on carbs and store fat for the cold and desolate winter months.  Now that we live in perpetual summer lighting due to artificial light including television and computer screens, the body thinks its summer all the time.

Finally the Crossfit Games started yesterday with a triathlon type event that took over 2 hours and then an obstacle course.  That portion was not televised but the current standings are on the games.crossfit.com site.  You can begin to follow the games live on ESPN3 tomorrow.  I can’t describe my level of excitement for these games and even yesterday I followed the results via twitter.  I am rooting for Jason Hoggan in the individual men because he recently graduated from SMU law and I have personally witnessed him destroying workouts in the SMU gym.  Team-wise I am definitely going for Dallas Central and Bayou City.  I know one of the competitors on Bayou City quite well and Dallas Central is closely affiliated with my gym at Crossfit214.  Watch the games and you will be amazed at their level of fitness and how much fun the events would be.  Maybe you will find inspiration to increase your fitness or even join a crossfit gym.

Thats it for now and I hope you find some of these articles interesting and informative.  Enjoy the rest of the day and hopefully I will be back later this evening with a food related post.

Do you like these posts filled with articles?  Want more or less?  Let me know.


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