Trial and Error

If you have been following this blog you hear me say on a regular basis to give this whole Paleo, Primal, Real Food eating a shot for 30 days.  Both Robb Wolf and Dallas and Melissa Hartwig use this principle of a 30 day trial.  The idea that ridding yourself and your body of gluten, sugars, processed foods, and even dairy allows you to then reintroduce foods and understand the effect that have on your body.  I can guarantee that this approach works.  I bring all of this up for a few reasons.  First I think grains do terrible things to the body based on scientific research and also the evidence from thousands of people who tell their stories.  I mention this because eliminating grains can pose some social problems like when you eat out at a restaurant and don’t eat any of the baskets of cheap bread they provide.  You should go read this article which shows how to discuss this change.

Another reason I mention this deals with the fact that I have decided to add in raw milk to my diet.  I now know how my body feels when I do not consume dairy so I can easily track the changes.  My sister currently drinks raw milk and also my coaches at crossfit advised me if I want to add some weight that raw milk needs to be my next step.  Unfortunately I will have to drive to a farm that sells it because of the way the law functions.  I hope that my body will thrive on the raw milk.  Because I have given my body at least 30 days without any of questionable foods I can understand if I am indeed thriving on raw milk or seeing adverse effects.

Not only am I looking into raw milk (will be purchasing it on Saturday) I also got back to the Dallas Farmers Market today.  That place has everything.  I bought lamb, pork, and beef.  All three of those live and graze on grass and pastures.  Then I bought wild caught fish fresh from the coast brought up to Dallas Friday.  My fish and seafood included Salmon, Red Fish, Catfish, Tuna, and Scallops.  I decided to give Scallops a try and they turned out delicious.  Cooked them in some garlic and herb kerrygold butter.  Easy stuff and a delicious meal.


Those scallops provided me .7 lbs of delicious seafood.  Really glad I gave these a try and will definitely eat more of these in the near future.

Also at the farmers market I got some Okra, Eggplant, Onions, and Peppers.  These all came from a local farm that practices sustainable and ethical means to grow the vegetables.  The vegetables don’t have the organic stamp because of the cost and hassle to be certified but they farm that way.  Labels often mislead people so when you go to a farmers market talk to the farmers.  They will happily talk to you about their products because they take pride in their work and product.

Yesterday my food lacked a certain inventiveness but I did make some real nice burgers with avocado.  Cooked in butter with some chipotle pepper.


And finally today I did make some exciting food.  I had a couple more burgers this morning.  Then 3 fried eggs with cauliflower and carrots.  I decided to get in a workout today and did the following: 3,3,3,3,3 of push press.  Then 3 Rounds for Time of 10 deadlifts at 235 and 50 double unders.  Rough workout but awesome.  So after I ate the rest of my stew from the other day.  

Dinner may have been one of my more successful meals that I had no idea what exactly I was doing.  I used this recipe as my base.  I didn’t make it a salad but just wanted the meat.  I used most of the ingredients although I substituted lime juice for lemon juice (because its what I had) and I also substituted some fresh basil.  This turned out absolutely fantastic and I am so happy I made 3 lbs because I now have enough for a meal tomorrow.  Two parts of this recipe were tough.  First the cutting up of a 3 lb lamb shoulder.  Second smelling this cook for 3 hours and having to wait (but its worth it).  Also I made some squash in my garlic and herb butter.


And finally tonight I think this info graphic on sleep provides some interesting issues.  So read that then listen to it and get some sleep.  

Hope this weekend provided you with opportunities to better your health.  Now I follow my own advice and take my book and will be asleep soon.  In all honesty try things out and see how you feel.  Track how you feel, perform, and any other measurement you can think to take.  Start to figure out your body so you can make it work in the manner best for you.  Good luck.

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  1. Wipe your plates dang it!

  2. Good call. I will try to remember that. At least the last one looks good.

  3. Jeff

     /  July 9, 2012

    Thanks for the article on going grain free. That’s been a deal-breaker whenever I try to persuade my coworkers to give it a go for 30-days. It’s amazing how some people can get so irrational about their food intake no matter what info you give em…anyways, enjoying the blog. Keep it up. Hope you’re well bud.


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