Deep Breath

Right before most lifts and especially heavy lifts we are taught to take a deep breath and tighten the core.  The other day my workout had heavy front squats followed by a 100m sprint.  My coach saw me and reminded me of the need to take that deep breath before dropping down.  This made a huge difference.  The deep breath reminds me of preparing to take some sort of plunge.  When my pool begins to warm up but still remains cool I always mentally prepare by taking that deep breath and then jumping in.  I think this piece of advice makes a lot of sense for choosing a healthy lifestyle as well.

You need to take a deep breath and prepare for some changes.  Then go for it.  Whether that means getting to sleep no later then 11 and making sure you get at least 8 hours or if that means changing your eating habits to align with what your body wants.  Some of this stuff seems crazy, confusing, or downright impossible but just take that plunge and give it a shot for 30 days and see how you feel and perform.

Jason Ferruggia does awesome stuff at his gym and the fitness community as a whole.  I have followed him for years and even used some of his programming.  His programming does a great job and if you don’t want to go full out in crossfit I would suggest grabbing one of his programs and following it down to the letter.  He posted an amazing article about 53 ways to get huge and be awesome.  Its not actually telling you how to get huge but instead how to be successful in the gym, with your health, and in a lot of ways life.  

Now my recent food stuff.  I told you in my last post how much I loved the red curry stir-fry.  Well I loved it so much that I made it again last night with dover sole.


Then I also made a beef and kale concoction with some onions and Arizona Dreaming spice.  I cooked this in my tomato basil sauce.  Freaking delicious.


Step by step for the above.  Put some grassfed butter in the skillet.  Put in the cut up onions and let cook for a couple of minutes.  Then add in the ground beef (I made 1 lb) and season with the Arizona Dreaming spice.  Next add in the cut up Kale (I used 5 large leaves).  Then stir around and add in some of the tomato basil sauce.  Stir around and then cover.  Cook on medium heat for a few minutes.  Uncover and stir around.  Check to make sure the ground beef (you could use ground buffalo, lamb, pork, or really anything) is cooked throughout.  Enjoy.

A couple nights back I had a delicious pork chop (bone-in) and some squash in the kerrygold garlic and herb butter.  This butter should be a regular in your cooking.  Gives incredible flavor to vegetables.  I often steam vegetables and then add in the garlic and her butter to add in some healthy fat that makes the vegetables taste great.


And finally you know my normal breakfast but I thought this skillet looked awesome so I took this picture.


Thats a lot of the stuff that goes in my normal breakfast.  But I recently joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group so I will soon follow a very seasonal eating approach.  I still plan to supplement some foods from Whole Foods but I am trying to take my eating to an even better level.  For thousands of years we ate seasonally because we could not fly in foods from South America or Hawaii.  Also my Kombucha should be ready in the next couple of days and I am excited to give that a try.  Thanks to my awesome sister for the Scobee and the recipe.  You should follow her blog because well she’s my sister and I already said the awesome part.

Currently I am reading The Vitamin D Solution by Michael F. Holick and its eye-opening and shocking.  With the weekend here make sure to get outside and shoot for at least 20 minutes without any sunscreen.  Its good for you.  

Enjoy the weekend and make sure to take advantage of your time.  Go read this piece about the only definition of success that matters.  

Check out your local crossfit box if you get a chance.  Getting back to my original crossfit box has been amazing and its a great community.  At the same time I miss Skyline Crossfit and can’t wait until I am back in Houston working out there.  You will be amazed at the great experience.  Remember this weekend to take a deep breath and then go for it.

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