Go big or go home

I lived by those words today.  See today was my final day at my first half summer job here in Houston.  My firm wanted to go out with a bang.  After 6 weeks they have picked up on how I like to eat.  So Brazilian Steakhouse.  Music to my ears.  Plate after plate of meat.  And some vegetables.  

I put on a freaking show.  I probably ate more then the other 3 guys combined.  Not only this but the servers tried to take my plate away at one point and stop serving me.  I kindly pointed out that my sign remained on green and I wanted more.  Some of the meats I had…bacon wrapped chicken, bacon wrapped filet mignon, garlic beef, leg of lamb, chicken thigh, top sirloin, prime rib, and many others.  Absolutely wonderful.  My bosses were all stunned at this performance because a guy 160 lbs should not be able to eat so much.  I also took down a plate of broccoli, zucchini, and mushrooms.  I don’t normally eat until I feel like I can’t eat anymore, but today I came very close.

Crossfit at 4:30 today after that lunch presented some issues.  But it went well.  So all in all a great day.  FYI meat wrapped in bacon should be a regular thing.  

Sad to say that tomorrow will be my last day for awhile at Skyline Crossfit.  If you live in Houston or visit check them out.  Its worth it.  

So starting next week I will be back to my original home gym of Crossfit214.  If you are in Dallas or visiting its worth checking out.  Different styles between the two but both are fantastic.

I need to hit on this in regards to my lunch today.  Not every piece of meat conformed to my typical paleo diet.  But honestly sometimes you just have to go big.  Nothing here contained gluten so I maintained my rule number 1.  After that I let some things slide today.  Its worth it because honestly you need to enjoy life and the idea behind eating this way is not to make you miserable.  I truly enjoy the way I eat but that doesn’t mean sometimes I don’t go for a pint of coconut milk ice cream, or a dark chocolate bar, or gluten free cake, or in the case of today a freak ton of meat that included some questionable ingredients.  I wish I had pictures of everything I ate today but unfortunately my bosses would have probably kicked me out of the firm and lunch ha.  

Thought this might be helpful considering we have arrived at the weekend.  Try having a NorCal Margarita and see what you think.  Read that link as it explains why this is the most Paleo Friendly drink available.  This drink comes straight from Robb Wolf himself.  I have tried it and its pretty fantastic.  

On a slightly different note I really enjoyed this piece from PaleOMG today on pre and post-workout nutrition.  Its worth a read to get some ideas about how to approach this issue.  Don’t waste your workout by not properly refueling after.  

Now my own meals from the past 2 days.  Breakfast has been the usual egg/sausage scramble with tons of vegetables.  Of course the guac and salsa go on top.  Lunch yesterday was barbecue.  I had some deboned chicken and grilled vegetables.  Nothing spectacular but a solid meal.  Last night after a brutal CrossFit WOD (Workout Of Day) I had an awesome meal which my mom provided.  Look I realize thats kind of cheating since my mom made the meal but its nice having family dinners.  And I really appreciate it when my mom cooks such good meals.  Since me and my sister both eat Paleo she even prepares our dinners differently so it complies with how we eat.  I love my mom.  She is awesome.

That meal last night included 2 burgers on the grill.  My meal also had asparagus from the grill, some peppers and onions from the grill, and finally my sweet potato.  So on the burgers I had guac.  The sweet potato contained grassfed butter, coconut butter, and cinnamon.  Pretty great meal.


And finally heres a picture of my two dogs playing.  Roxie and Maximus are going to be sad when I go back to Dallas.  They have become such good friends and I love seeing them play together.


And to end this blog post I will once again make a few request this weekend.  I simply say if you do zero of these try to get one.  If you do one of these go for two.  So heres a list.  Get 8 hours of sleep in a cool, dark, noise free environment.  Get outside and play.  Get some sun and your vitamin D.  Cook a dinner using real foods and preferably one that includes protein from meat or fish, vegetables, and healthy fats.  Read something that teaches you something.  Spend time with your family and friends.  Get off the grid meaning stay away from your phone, email, Facebook, etc. for at least 3 hours.  Go to a crossfit free WOD.  And finally drink plenty of water especially with the heat of the summer upon us.

And remember go big or go home.  Better chance of something really good happening when you follow this.  Make the most of this weekend.  Enjoy.

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