Pace yourself

The idea of pacing can be a struggle.  See I have this bad tendency to go all out right away.  Say the crossfit WOD is a 15 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible).  When I first started I had the bad habit of killing myself in the first 5 minutes and then stalling out for the rest of the time.  Today I had one of those epic 15 min AMRAPs and I had my pacing down perfect.  This is huge in crossfit.  But its not just about crossfit.

You have to pace yourself in everything.  Don’t go from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and try to go super strict paleo.  That will just lead to you finding reasons not to stick with it.  Instead implement the changes over a period of time.  Start by eliminating grains.  Then take out sugars.  And so on.  

Pacing honestly holds true for virtually everything.  Don’t go out and read 100 blogs and try to use them all. It just won’t work.  I have a couple of people that I follow and listen to.  I trust them and I can’t take in the information of 100 blogs and people.  One guy who I really respect recently wrote about this.  Go check out the article by Jason Ferruggia.  I personally follow Robb Wolf, Whole9life, Mark Sisson, and Catalyst Athletics.  Those are my go to people.  Now I use other blogs to get ideas for recipes and things but as far as information and breaking down the science thats where I go typically.  I also like Balanced Bites for some stuff as well.  

Here is another great article by Whole9life that looks at the issue of body image and how the goal is health not necessarily a certain look.  Health comes first and in large part the look will follow.  As the article says Be good to yourself, inside and out.  I am absolutely loving their book, It Starts With Food.  Go order it on amazon or barnes and noble.  They breakdown the science into very easy to understand terms and really drive home how important these changes are for health.

Now onto my food.  Breakfast has been the normal egg scramble but I have been taking a break from spinach the past 2 days.  Sometimes its good to take a break from foods just to let your body reset a little bit.  Lunch yesterday was my leftover buffalo/kale curry.  Absolutely outstanding.  And I also had some sardines which I am loving.  It eliminates my need to take Omega 3s in pill form and I can instead get them from real food.  Get the boneless skinless kind in olive oil.  Especially if you like fish give them a try.  Lunch today was at this restaurant called Ibiza and it was awesome.  Grilled Grouper in lemon and pepper.  Cooked in olive oil.  With a mashed cauliflower puree and roasted vegetables.  And then I had my sardines when I got back.  

Dinner last night was 3 catfish fillets.  Coated them in a light Trinidad (Penzeys) and some pepper.  Cooked in grass-fed butter.  Added to that I had some grilled zucchini.  Also I made a sweet potato hash which included sweet potato, onions, purple pepper, and 1 fried egg.  Topped it off with some coconut butter.  Easy meal and delicious.



And then this morning while I was cooking my breakfast I also put together my stew to cook throughout the day.  The stew included veal stew meat, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, and brussels sprouts.  Put it all in the crockpot with a bunch of bone broth.  And let it cook.  Turned out awesome but I will write more about that tomorrow.  Anyways my point is find ways to make your life easy.  This took me 10 minutes this morning to put together and fed me tonight and will also be my lunch tomorrow.  And for most people this would be 3-4 meals.  I just eat a lot.


So a quick update to the blog.  I will not be posting 7 days a week like I did for the first few weeks.  I will be posting around 5 times a week that way I have enough to write about and also things come up.  I hope this blog is providing useful and as always feel free to contact me and ask for help or ask questions at any time.  Last night I actually went to sleep at 9:45 which was awesome.  I can tell a huge difference when I get 8+ hours of sleep.  

And finally like I have said before get outdoors.  Enjoy nature and the breeze.  It really can change things and help reset your body.  I saw this yesterday and had to spend some time outside.  Nature is amazing so get outside and enjoy.  Even for 5 minutes.  Turn off your brain and just listen to the sounds and admire the beauty.


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  1. Veal?! 😦


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