Over the Hump

Wednesday serve two purposes in my mind.  First to remind me early on that I have 3 days left of work in the week.  But second and most importantly as Wednesday draws down it transforms into a great day because there are only 2 more days of work.  Its like in the morning going up the hill and then the afternoon we get to go down the hill.  In nerd terms the finishing of Wednesday reminds me of Treebeard in LOTR: Two Towers when he tells Merry and Pippin that he likes walking South because it feels like its downhill.  Now for the point behind all of this…

Starting to take control of your health including your diet feels like the beginning of Wednesday where the hill looks insurmountable.  But its not.  You just have to get to the top of that hill and then the downhill flies by.  Next thing you know its like walking on flat ground at a leisurely stroll all the time.  I had struggles when I started changing my diet and lifestyle but I made it to the top of that hill and from that point on its been smooth sailing.  One thing that will really determine the difficulty of making this change will be the people who surround you.  Do they support your desire to become healthier or are they constantly tempting you to get you off track?  Look I can go out with my friends, go out to restaurants, go on trips and not have any issues.  Things are quite as perfect as when I am cooking all my meals but thats okay because fun, family, and friends are all important in overall health and happiness too.  Here is a great article from Whole9life on this very subject today (also they just released their book It Starts With Food and I cannot think of any other book that would be better for anybody to read to learn some fascinating stuff).

Also if you need just a simple explanation of what the Paleo diet is and some of the benefits behind it then check out this article from Robb Wolf.  Its very useful stuff and might pave the way for your learning more about this lifestyle.  Tonight I am going to stay away from hitting one of the major hormones like I have the past 2 nights but I will be sharing more of that soon.  They really do control everything in the body and understanding these will go a long way in helping you to make decisions that improve your health.

Just a short rant.  Working sucks right now.  I am missing all of the Euro2012 games.  Did I record both games today?  Yes.  Is it 10 pm and I am just now writing this and will then need to go to sleep?  Yes.  So I won’t even get to see the games.  I am going to have to figure out something for the World Cup in 2014 because this won’t fly.  Oh and also Kevin Durant went off last night.  Impressive showing.

As far as eating went I did the normal breakfast scramble this morning.  Same old stuff (well slightly different because I threw on some Fox Point seasoning which worked really nicely).

Lunch I went out with the bosses and went to a place called Barnabys Cafe which does a good job of caring about their product.  As a result  I had a huge chunk of beef with some broccoli.  Oh and that huge chunk of beef came with the most cheese I have ever seen.  But no problem.  I just scraped it all off and ate just the beef.  Ya my bosses looked strangely at me.  But I easily explained why I chose not to eat the cheese and we moved on.  Problem solved.  Thats how you wing it and then rescue the situation when it goes wrong.

So now buy a steamer.  Like the one I have or a different one, but go buy one.  This is an easy way to precook your veggies and then just heat them up later.  Or to cook them fresh while you are cooking other things.  Steps include…put water in steamer, place vegetable compartment in, put vegetables in, cover, and turn on stove.


So in that I was cooking carrots and zucchini.  I also had a sweet potato in the oven (as usual).  Also on that note crossfit workout was awesome today.  If you are ever in Houston check out Skyline Crossfit.  Its legit. Okay back to food.  Finally I decided to bake some catfish.  I got a glass pyrex dish and put the 2 filets in.  Then I put some grass-fed butter on both.  Added on my Trinidad Spice (Lemon Garlic Salt which goes amazing on fish) and put in the oven.  I baked this at 375 for 27 minutes.  Really anywhere between 25-30 minutes will be good depending on how well done you like your fish.  I like most of my meats and fish medium to medium rare.  Needless to say this turned out amazing.  Super moist with tremendous flavor.


And finally as I finish up this post I have been drinking some Kombucha.


Yes Maximus snuck into the picture.  Gut health is extremely important and kombucha helps restore the good bacteria in your gut.  But the topic of gut health will be saved for another day.

Find a good support system.  I hope that this blog can offer you at least a little bit of support and if you need more feel free to ask me.  Now I am going to hit up the foam roller for a few minutes then get a little nerd on with a nutrition book and hit the bed.  Remember its almost Thursday and you are on the downhill for the week.  You can do it for your health and food as well.  Get over that hump and the grass really is greener.

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