Sunday Funday

And no I did not drink a bunch of mimosas.  But I in fact took advantage of Sunday Funday.  I decided to take a trip with my mom to the Whole Foods I like.  Such a difference from the one I have been going to lately.  Not only that but I spent time in my pool, got plenty of sleep including a nice nap, had some of my bone broth (more in a minute), started a stew for tomorrow, and got some deep tissue work taking care of.  A Sunday Funday indeed.  

First lets discuss bone broth.  I decided I wanted it today so I drank it straight.  Surprisingly not bad.  Now I would suggest using this in stews, soups, crockpot recipes, and other such manners.  I currently have a stew cooking that used a good amount of my bone broth.



Besides the stew I am preparing my day contained a bunch of good meals.  For breakfast I used a bunch of my leftover beef from last nights spaghetti in with my egg scramble.


Of course I threw guac on that as well.  In that scramble I used onions, yellow pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, ground beef, and eggs.  Easy and delicious.  For lunch I made a boring meal.  See normally I go get fresh food every 3 days or so.  As a result I never freeze my meats and fish because I use them.  But during this time that I am working back home I don’t have that luxury.  So I didn’t have anything thawed out.  Lucky for me that I did have some sausage and since I didn’t eat this at breakfast I decided to just wing it and go with this.  So I cooked up 2 sausages with 2 fried eggs.  Then also had some steamed cauliflower and carrots covered in grassfed butter.  It may not look great but again I really enjoyed this meal.



There ya go.  Both of those meals took maybe 15 minutes each.  Eating high quality good tasting food does not take a ton of time.  Nor do you have to sacrifice flavor for quality.

Finally for dinner I made some beef, broccoli, and kale.  To do this I first cut up some onions and yellow pepper.  Heated up the skillet for about 5 minutes while I cut.  Then threw in some grassfed butter and let that heat up.  At that point toss in your onion and pepper for about 5 minutes.


Next I crumpled up the beef and tossed it in.  Seasoned it with Rogan Josh from Penzeys.  Get used to me using Penzeys spices all the time.  Might be a good indication that you should take a trip there or at least check out there website.  Spices make a huge difference.  Next I put in the broccoli and kale.  At this point I also added in 2 tablespoons of coconut aminos (which I love and are a soy sauce alternative because soy should never be consumed by humans).  Stir around and then cover the skillet.  Cook for 4-5 minutes.  Uncover and stir around.  Cover again and cook for another 4-5 minutes or until meat is browned.  Remember when you cook grassfed meats to never go above medium heat.


Guac and salsa optional as always.  Finally I had some dark chocolate.  87% and no soy.  Don’t be afraid to eat some good stuff just make sure to do it wisely.  Rule number 1 should be to avoid gluten.  Sugar should be avoided as much as possible but if you need something sweet go with the sugar stuff and not the gluten stuff.  Try some macaroons, dark chocolate, coconut milk ice cream, a banana almond butter coconut milk smoothie, or even some gluten free cake.  

I hope you took advantage of your weekend and made sure to improve your health.  Health really should be a top priority in your life.  Here is a good list of things to shoot for.  Eat right, sleep 7-9 hours in a dark cool noiseless room, keep stress at a minimum, workout, mobilize and recover your body, get vitamin d, have fun, get outside, turn off your brain and just be, and spend some time with friends.  These things all improve health.  See how many you currently do and then try to add one more.  See how it makes you feel.

I want to link to an article from NPR that I saw today.  It breaks down the way americans spend their money on groceries in 1982 compared to 2012.  Fascinating stuff especially because as the price of meat has dropped (meaning its easier to eat paleo), the money spent on processed foods has increased.  Interesting stuff right here.

If you are struggling understanding Paleo or want more background on what the word actually means today then go check out this article from Cave girl eats.  A little long but very helpful.

Enjoy your week and please feel free to comment, tweet, email me any questions or suggestions.  

Oh and if the stew taste half as good as it smells its gonna be outstanding.  But that tale will be told later this week.  And here is what I get to enjoy when I am in the pool.  My buddy Maximus.


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  1. Your dogs are too cute!! And all your food is seriously drool-worthy. I can definitely attest that sometimes the best things aren’t fancy and sometimes look like crap haha. Also, great list of priorities!

    • Thank you Molly. I see you are currently doing a Whole30?

      • Yep, I’ve dabbled in primal living but this is my first time being strict paleo!

      • Thats awesome to hear. Primal definitely takes care of most of the issues but I definitely felt a difference when I went full paleo. Ill be checking out your blog to see how its going. Good luck and if I can help in anyways feel free to ask!

      • Thanks Robbie! I’m already feeling/seeing results and hoping to continue with those added benefits. My next step is to do what you did and get my hands on totally local produce and meat. Gotta befriend some farmers! 🙂 take care

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