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I hate the weekends.  Why you ask.  Simply because the weekends ruin the rest of the week for me.  I get to do everything that I want to promote health on the weekends.  Plenty of sleep and waking up without an alarm? Check.  Eat high quality meals? Check.  Manage stress?  Check.  Get outside and also get some Sun?  Check.  Grow intellectually (this weekend via reading)?  Check.  Either crossfit or work on mobility and recovery?  Check again.  Today reminded me just how great life can be.

If you are like me and busy working during the week then make sure to take full advantage of your weekends.  Do it for your health.  Today was National Outdoors Day and I made sure to spend plenty of time outside.  I had my two dogs outside at my pool hanging out while I relaxed and soaked in some much needed Vitamin D.  My dogs give me great joy and help me eliminate a lot of stress in my life.  Stress leads to cortisol which leads to a whole host of problems.  


Today I also lived by my own advice.  I got uncomfortable and made sure to wing it.  I am talking about brussels sprouts.  See I hated them the only time I ever had them.  Hated them.  But I decided they deserved a second chance.  So I pulled up this awesome recipe from Civilized Caveman.  Now I made significant changes because I didn’t have a lot of the stuff.  Lime instead of lemon.  Chipotle pepper instead of regular.  No thyme.  But seriously this turned out awesome and took Brussels sprouts to the top of my vegetable list.  Lesson to be learned from this: try things more then once in different ways.


Finished product looked like this.  (With a slight view of my Flounder I made as well).


So lunch turned out great.  Then I decided to make spaghetti for dinner.  I used a spaghetti squash but my sister recently told me she found zucchini to be both easier and better tasting.  However, I do not have the necessary tool to cut it into the strip/noodles so spaghetti squash works great.  I used a tomato sauce from Whole Foods that keeps the ingredients clean.  Very good stuff tonight.


So heres the step by step.  Cut the spaghetti squash in half.  Remove the seeds.  I threw it in the microwave (ideally you would back in the oven for 40 minutes) for 8 minutes.  Let it stand for about 5 minutes.  Then take a fork and scrape it out.  The inside will naturally fall out into “noodles” from your fork. During this time I cooked up a pound of ground beef.  Seasoned this with Arizona Dreaming from Penzeys.  Cook until brown and put it on top of the noodles.  Then poor on some spaghetti sauce and you have a Paleo friendly awesome dinner.  I also had carrots with some grass fed butter but thats boring so I won’t put up a picture.

Two things to talk about tonight.  First I am currently cooking a bone broth.  The recipe I got comes from Balanced Bites.  Read that article for more information on bone broth and the tremendous health benefits it offers.  I will let you know how it turns out.


Second comes again from Balanced Bites.  This time its all about Raw Sauerkraut.  Gut health makes a big difference so make sure to go read up on that and give it a try.  If that seems too extreme for you then try some Kombucha which is fermented tea.  I love this stuff and so does my little niece.  Her favorite foods seem to always include Ranch and yet she loves her Kombucha.  Check it out your gut and health will thank you.

Get outside tomorrow and enjoy the outdoors.  Our bodies want the outdoors.  Spend a nice sunday relaxing, reading, and enjoying the outdoors tomorrow.  Otherwise you can miss views like these.


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  1. Krista

     /  June 9, 2012

    Awwww, Rachael Anne made the blog:)


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