Uncomfortable? Good.

Get used to being uncomfortable.  Whole9 tweeted out something to the effect that if you are uncomfortable you are doing something right.  I could not agree more.  Comfort sets in when you aren’t challenging yourself.  When you aren’t evolving as a person.  I am uncomfortable every day at Crossfit because that’s the whole idea.  I am uncomfortable when I cook a lot of my meals because I have no clue if it will turn out how I hope.  Take tonight as an example.

I had Ono a couple times in Maui because its a local fish.  Great fish with a nice flavor.  The other day I saw it at Whole Foods and decided to grab some.  I honestly had no idea how to cook it or season it.  So I came home tonight and just tried some things.  I threw on some lime juice and my fox trot spice blend.  Cooked it in butter.  You know what I made some mistakes tonight in my preparation.  But the key to success in most areas of life is to know how to rescue yourself from the mistakes.  If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t taking advantage of life.  So you have to learn how to react and rescue those mistakes.  Turn them into triumphs.  That is exactly what happened tonight because the Ono ended up tasting absolutely awesome.  Here is kind of a step by step of the process tonight.



Yes that is avocado.  I told you I love the stuff.  A little bit of avocado makes any meal delicious.  The Ono by itself just with the seasoning was great but the avocado really made this meal.  Then I finished my dinner off with some broccoli and cauliflower baked in the oven (I was running late tonight and it was easy to throw in the oven) and finally I boiled some sweet potatoes then added my cinnamon and coconut butter.



So there you have it.  Another night of good food.  So I want to take this opportunity to encourage everybody to go and try out Crossfit tomorrow.  A ton of gyms have free classes on Saturdays so you can get a feel for what Crossfit is all about.  Go in there and get uncomfortable.  Challenge yourself to do something new or challenging.  Then get out in the sun tomorrow and soak in the vitamin D.  Thats my plan tomorrow.  



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