Unweighed, Unmeasured, Pure Awesome

Lets just start off with a picture of my dinner


Yes both of those plates are mine.  This is why I love Paleo and the unweighed, unmeasured approach involved.  Best part about this meal tonight was that my wonderful mom actually grilled all of this.  Grilling should be a part of your cooking arsenal.  Brings out great flavor while being super easy to do.  You will notice that I also had my sweet potato which really makes my night.

So I thought I would also throw in this picture of me and my sister at Lahaina Crossfit.  We freaking loved this box when we were in Maui.  Our typical schedule involved waking up without an alarm around 6:30.  Then we would do some mobility work and head over to Lahaina Crossfit for their 8 am class.  The people were amazing.


Those people right there really made our experience at this box memorable.  We went 5 times while we were there.  Anthony the coach does a great job and its definitely worth checking out if you are ever there.  Back to our schedule though when in Maui.  After crossfit we would eat a great post-wod breakfast.  Then spend time reading on the beach.  I read Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution which I cannot recommend enough.  Then we would make a good lunch.  Do more reading and relaxing including napping when we felt tired.  We would then spend our evening with the whole family out in Lahaina getting some great fresh fish and vegetables.  Then early to bed by 9:30 at the latest.  Absolutely perfect.

On that note the article on Mark’s Daily Apple today about working in the sun reminded me just how big of a difference getting outside, eliminating stress, and getting high quality sleep can make.  Also one of the guys at my crossfit box up in Dallas at Crossfit214 posted the following from the Crossfit Journal:

Just how much can sleep impact you as an athlete?
Consider the following:
• Researchers conducted a study of over 30 years of
National Football League game data and demonstrated that teams that traveled three time zones to play night games experienced disrupted sleep and
exercise schedules and were 67 percent more likely
to lose even when the point spread was factored
in (1).
• Athletes who get around 10 hours of sleep
demonstrate significantly better muscle memory for
movements learned the day before (3).
• People who don’t get enough sleep are more prone
to diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other various
cardiometabolic and endocrine disorders (4).
• Researchers have shown that just a few days of little
to no sleep impact the body’s insulin sensitivity by
more than 25 percent in normal, healthy people. This
essentially brings them to a pre-diabetic state—the
equivalent of gaining 18 to 30 lb. (4).

To see significant improvements in performance, we have
to train right and eat right. But without enough sleep,
that work is wasted and could even be harmful for a body
so sleep deprived it can’t heal itself

I am looking forward to tomorrow at work mainly because I get to bring my own food for lunch.  Normally I go out to lunch with my bosses but they will be out of the office for lunch.  Remember that beef and vegetable curry I made last night?  Ya I saved half of it and already have my lunch prepared for tomorrow.  Remember its just as easy to cook 1 lb of beef as it is to cook 1/2 lb.  Doing this will save you time and help you have healthy and good meals prepared ahead of time.  I will be doing much more of this beginning in July when I get to eat my own meals at lunch because of the change in job.  Preparing ahead of time makes life so much easier.

An easy tip would be on the weekend to do some sort of cook up and preparation.  Cut up your onions for the week and put them in the fridge.  Same with peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc.  Steam veggies and throw them in the fridge for easy re-heating.  Take advantage of an hour on the weekend and make your life easy for the rest of the week.

I leave you with this picture of Maui to remind you to find a way to eliminate stress and spend some time outside.  Living away from nature does not do a body good.  Get some vitamin D and some fresh air.  Find a way to make your life more about being unweighed, unmeasured, and most of all pure awesome.

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