Winging it

I like to wing it.  People think I am joking most of the time when I say I will just wing it.  Little do they know I am normally serious.  I had 3 students older then me this year teaching me and 3 of my friends how to present an oral argument and I said I was just gonna wing it.  The look on their faces…and yet my friends knew I was serious.  Here’s the thing:  it went great.  Too much preparation and concern over every little rule or direction can really get in your head and ruin things.  This applies to so many things in life and definitely applies to both crossfit and cooking.

In crossfit form takes priority.  But at a certain point you have to just trust yourself and wing it.  Stop thinking and just do.  I can’t think about every little movement that goes into a good snatch.  I just know.  And I do it.

The same holds true with cooking.  Don’t freak out over following directions to the letter.  Every now and then this will be very important but most of the time do what feels right.  Eyeball it, smell it, take a little taste, and just see if it feels right.  Maybe you will stumble onto something better then the original recipe.  

I am taking this advice tonight as I make a beef curry.  I decided to play around with things I had.  So I decided on onions, red pepper, ground beef, kale, zucchini, rogan josh (spice from Penzeys), and coconut milk.  I could have easily used lamb or chicken as my meat source in this recipe.  I could have completely changed the vegetables or used a true curry spice.  

This turned out good.  I really had no idea how this would work but I came away pleased with my effort.  Again this took very little preparation and time.  Easy but delicious.  I had 2 helpings of this.  On the second one I sprinkled a little bit of my coconut aminos on it.  Added a different flavor and both worked very nicely.

So first I cut up some onions and red peppers.  Heat up the skillet, throw in some coconut oil, then throw the onions and peppers in.


Next I threw in 1 lb of grass-fed beef.  If you are buying the conventional beef (meaning grain fed) buy the leanest cut possible.  Cows fed grain carry the omega 6 fats and other problematic things in the fat.  So buying the leanest cut will eliminate some of the inflammatory issues associated with grain fed beef.  Grass-Fed beef can be fattier because the fat contains the very healthy omega 3s and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). 


Then cover with the Rogan Josh spice.  Now add in the vegetables.  I went with Kale and Zucchini.  


Then add in the coconut milk.  I used roughly a half can.  Use the full fat version.  The only time to go with the light version would be if you are drinking it straight.


Then I put the cover on and let it cook at medium heat for a little while.  Basically until the meat was cooked through.  


All said this probably took around 15-20 minutes to prep and cook.  And a lot of that time I was writing this post because you can let it simmer at low heat to help steam the veggies.  End product looked like this.


Finally I had my awesome sweet potato.  Here is the key.  Cook it in the oven at 400 degrees for 2 hours.  Amazing.  I topped it off with cinnamon, grass-fed butter, and coconut butter.  Now that’s how to end a meal with a bang.


So there you have it.  A great meal full of good protein, veggies, starchy carb (because this was post-WOD), and healthy fats.  Plus it all had great flavor.  

Two quick plugs.  First check out my sisters blog.  She does a great job with food as well and can be a big help.

And next go check out NomNomPaleo who recently launched an awesome paleo cooking app for the iPad.

Now Go Wing it.  In the kitchen, in a presentation, or life generally.  Enjoy.

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