The best part of waking up…

Is Folgers in your cup.  Well not actually Folgers but that song had a catchy tune.  Also I go for the higher quality coffee and soon am going to be trying to bullet proof my coffee.  Just google Bulletproof coffee if your interested.  If not I will let you know how it goes.  

Big news on the crossfit front today.  I was able to do legit hand stand push ups.  Freaking pumped.  I am moving up in the crossfit world.  But now its time to go step by step with my morning breakfast.  Its amazing and takes 15 minutes to cook everything.  This is just one variation and there is really no wrong way to prepare this.  And now my breakfast scramble.

Start by cutting up some onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  Also cut up the sausage and take out any spice you want to use.  Honestly most mornings I don’t use a spice in this but decided to go with some Sunny Paris from Penzeys.


Next turn on the stove.  Throw in some cooking oil.  I tend to use either Coconut Oil or grass-fed butter.  Let it heat up and then throw in the onions, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes.


Next throw in a bunch of Spinach and let that cook for a minute or so.  You can cover the skillet to let it steam at the same time.  Then throw in the sausage.  Here again you can cover the skillet if you want.  It tends to cook slightly faster that way.  


Let that cook for like 3-5 minutes.  During that time get 4 eggs and whisk them together.  Feel free to use more or less eggs.  I find that 4 with everything else suits me perfectly and allows me to eat a well-timed lunch.  Then add the eggs.


I also sprinkle in the seasoning at that point.  Then just cook until the eggs are your desired hardness.  I tend to scramble mine around medium.  I normally cook this whole thing at medium heat which works great.  

Finally I have my pre-made (but legit ingredient) salsa and the guac I made.  Guac 101: Avocado, salt, pepper, lime juice.  So easy and it makes any meal amazing.  So finally I throw my guac and salsa on.


So that picture looks kinda nice.  Don’t judge too hard because I am still getting used to this whole food blogging thing.  My pictures will hopefully get better as I go forward.  Thank you iPhone.  Seriously can do anything.  

And now the end product that I eat as everything is mixed together.  Get ready for something that may not look like it would be delicious.  But seriously…amazing.  I wake up excited to make and eat this.  Try it and you won’t regret it.


I almost forgot to take that picture because I was so ready to eat it.  Hope that sheds some light into an easy but awesome breakfast.  

Also two quick links tonight that are worth reading.  First the absolute best Paleo cookbook (you wouldn’t even know you are eating paleo with how awesome these recipes are) is Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan who runs the great website The Clothes Make the Girl.  Don’t be put off by the name but instead go check it out.  Then get her cookbook.  She lays out how to spend 1 hour…only 1 hour on the weekend and cook up virtually all your meals for the week.  Its bloody brilliant.  Yes I said bloody.  I like to read the Ethan Hawke novels and he is British and they say bloody.

Last go check out the Mee Nut Butter BlueberryBrownies from Civilized Caveman.  I don’t do a whole lot of sweets but I am going to give these a shot this weekend.  I gotta live a little.  But now its time for me to go devour my sweet potato.  Sweet potato, butter, coconut butter, and cinnamon here I come.

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  1. You’re like my little grasshopper…so proud.


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