Spice Up Your Life

I hate boring food.  Like seriously it makes me not want to eat.  Now not everything needs seasoning but in my opinion it makes a world of difference.  A good steak off the grill makes my mouth water.  But throw on some added seasoning (such as Northwoods Fire from Penzey’s) and the steak gets taken to a whole different level.  Lets be honest I will also be consuming guac on the steak.  Guac goes with everything as I have learned.  I honestly cannot get enough guac in my life.  So thats guac and sweet potatoes on the list of foods I can’t get enough of.  

So Spices.  I went to my favorite spice store today (down by my old high school…SPX).  I go to Penzey’s and if you don’t have one near you then you can order from the online store.  The picture at the bottom has all of the spice blends I bought today.  I could seriously buy that whole store.  The spices are clean and transform each and every meal I make.  As I have said earlier I can be lazy sometimes so buying these spice blends saves me some prep work in adding the different spices together.  These spices make it possible for me to change up ground beef every single night and make some new flavored concoction.  

The lady working the register at Penzey’s even took notice when she said that I must like to cook.  I got spices for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, vegetables, guac, fish, and really anything I can think of.  This week will be interesting as I plan on making a bone broth for the first time.  I will be using the recipe from the outstanding Balanced Bites.  Check out her whole website as she takes a very practical and realistic approach to health and eating.

I also wanted to link up to one of my favorite sites to follow because the author makes me laugh on a regular basis.  The fact that she dominates crossfit does not hurt either.  So check out PaleOMG on a daily basis.  You won’t regret it.  And the simple yet amazing recipes make this the perfect website to check out for ideas.  

I freaking hate that this weekend is over.  No more Sun until next weekend.  No more pool until next weekend.  And worst of all I may have to wake up to an alarm again this week.  Waking up naturally makes a huge difference but I kinda got to make sure I get a good report.  And on that note I once again leave to go inflict self-torture with my lax ball and ice.  


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