The Body Talks

I like to sleep.  It seems to run in my family.  Lucky for me during the summer the body follows a slightly different rhythm and we can actually sleep less and still maintain optimal health.  This means that while I normally like to hit 9 hours of sleep in a cool, dark, and alarm free room that I feel the same getting between 7-8 during the summer.  

Today my body forgot about the summer sleep pattern.  I got 9 hours last night.  Then decided to check out Workaholics that I had recorded from earlier this week (I watch very little television these days).  Midway through the episode my body made sure that I knew it wanted more sleep.  2 hours later I had become very well rested.  I love naps.  I love it even more that one of my favorite people in Mark Sisson talks about this process in his amazing book Primal Blueprint.  

I must also admit that spending some quality time outside soaking in the Vitamin D makes me very happy. My work schedule cuts into my ability to get out in the sun during the week so I took full advantage of my pool today.  A pretty awesome day in that I got plenty of sleep and vitamin D.  I cannot even make clear the importance of Vitamin D but the human body relies heavily on this vitamin.  Just check out Robb Wolf’s podcast and he explains how it affects virtually everything.  Don’t get burned.  And in large part a paleo diet will prevent this from occurring.  

Nothing really exciting food wise with me currently because I really need to make a run to Penzey’s Spice Shop so that I can do more things.  Use spices, marinades, and rubs because they will completely change any meal and turn it into something amazing.  One of my absolute favorite sites for recipes that are both delicious and easy comes from The Civilized Caveman.  Go check it out.  Seriously go because you won’t regret the decision.  

Now unfortunately its time for me to step into my world of pain with my lax ball, foam roller, and ice.  Recovery sucks but the feeling after and tomorrow makes it worth it.  I also have some pork chops in my near future.  And its a lot of pork chops.  Listen to your body.  It will thank you in both the short term and the long term.  


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