Its Friday Friday…So Call Me Maybe

So I have the tendency to get really caught up in some really terrible pop songs.  So obviously I had to mix 2 of my favorites together for this blog post.  Today was a sad day for me in that I did not make it to my crossfit box because of a slight injury.  11 games of Softball last weekend in Vegas may have been a lot of fun but my legs are paying for it this week.  A lot of recovery work on those this week in the hope it gets better and I can get back at it by tomorrow.

Seriously I missed going to crossfit.  After a long day of work it changes everything.  So instead I ended up going to my old commercial gym just to do some strength work.  Talk about freaking eye opening.  The differences are amazing.  Crossfit produces extremely athletic and attractive people.  Commercial gym produces a lot of people with no idea what they are doing so they either end up never seeing results or they become huge muscle bound people.  Walking back into this gym reminded me that crossfit fits me perfectly.

Lunch presents the most problems for me right now because my firm always goes out to lunch.  Lucky for me today we hit up a mexican place.  Mexican means fajita’s with guac and salsa (obviously no tortillas or beans).  Not my favorite fajitas I have ever had but a filling meal.  No place does fajitas like Lupe Tortillas.  Absolutely unbelievable.

Also I have to just put this out there.  I might be in love with sweet potatoes.  Throw it in the oven at 400 degrees for 2 hours and bam.  Freaking awesome.  I throw on some cinnamon and coconut butter to make what can only be described as heaven in my mouth.  This makes non-workout days even worse because not only no crossfit but also no sweet potato.  Tragedy does not begin to describe my feeling.

So to recap: I love crossfit.  I love sweet potatoes.  Off days are terrible because I miss both of them.

Also I am unbelievably lame right now in that I am sitting here writing this while my dogs play in my kitchen.  Its Friday night and I am planning on opening up a book, doing some reading, and then getting a nice 8-9 hours of sleep.  Tomorrow will be filled with good food, movies with my dad (the Avengers since he hasn’t seen it), crossfit (hopefully), recovery work, and Vitamin D.  I am missing Maui so much so I will do my best to recreate it tomorrow at my pool.  Get outside if you can and do everything possible to better yourself tomorrow.

Handstands on the Beach in Maui

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  1. I vote you live a little and eat a sweet potato on a non-wod day…gasp!


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