So Many Choices…How to Choose?

So one of the biggest issues people have when they first start eating Paleo is they feel a lack of variety in their diets.  At first I agreed with them.  But putting a little time into the process will change this perception very quickly.  Robb Wolf does a great job laying this out and calls out those people trying to use this excuse to fail.  One of the best resources I have come across is his Food Matrix.  It can be found here:

Honestly the number of options blows my mind and I am never bored eating this way.  I struggle because there are so many things I want to make but I can only eat so much.  And trust me I eat a freaking ton.  My whole family cannot believe the amount of food I eat.  I love food and I make no apologies for that.  Understand that it takes some learning and some trial and error.  Do I screw up sometimes?  Absolutely.  But more often then not I make something that can only be described as bomb and I can’t get enough.  Speaking of not getting enough I have really started following many of the paleo podcast which has been awesome.  Such an amazing way to pass the time while drive back and forth to work.  Right now I am working through Robb Wolf’s and Balanced Bites.

Might as well also give a peak into what I ate today.  Breakfast started with a bang.  Heat up the skillet put in some Coconut Oil.  Throw in onions, red peppers, and cherry tomatoes to start things off.  Then a ton of spinach.  Seriously I mean a ton of spinach.  Let it cook down for a minute.  Then I throw in my cut up sausage and cook for a couple minutes.  Finally I add 4 eggs and cook until they are scrambled lightly.  The final touches come when I add the guar (homemade) and salsa (store bought but all good ingredients).  This takes maybe 15 minutes and blows my mind.

For lunch I went out with my boss but we went to a place that served food that was pasture raised, grass fed, and did not use the typical junk that so many restaurants do.  I got a buffalo burger with avocado (no bun obviously) and then some roasted zucchini.

Then I took some BCAA’s before I hit up Skyline Crossfit and got destroyed by the WOD.  But that WOD made me so happy.  I love crossfit so that pretty much made the 10 hours of work disappear.

Finally I got home and on Thursday’s my sister comes over and my mom grills.  We had steak, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, grilled onions, and a sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut butter.  Perfect way to end the night.

And now I am sitting with my two dogs writing this and getting ready to hit the bed.  Tonight I go to sleep a happy person after such a great day of meals.

Bomb Breakfast

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