The Hardest Day…Recovery Day

I used to work out for months straight without ever taking a rest day.  I never did recovery or mobility work.  I walked in my commercial gym, loaded up the weights, hit the treadmill, and went home.  For me the hardest day is the recovery day.

I now force myself to take either Wednesday or Thursday off plus Sunday is now almost always a recovery day.  This does not mean I just lay around and watch tv.  Recovery sucks.  My lax ball’s sole purpose in life is to make me suffer.  And boy do I suffer.  Then I do other mobility work that makes the daily WOD seem like a cake walk.  For anybody who does not have a gym that preaches the mobility and teaches it (like Crossfit214) I would highly recommend checking out KSTAR at  Start at post 1 and work through it all.

It also seems now that I will be spending my normal crossfit time on recovery days dealing with the mob at whole foods after work.  Normally I like to hit up WF at strange hours so its empty but working in a law firm and living 45 mins from WF has made my normal routine impossible.  Lucky for me I will only be in the situation for the next 4 weeks and then its back to a more normal life for me (the student life at my apt).

As far as WF goes I love that store but today I went there for lunch.  Big Mistake.  They cook freaking everything in Canola Oil.  Here was my actual conversation with one of the people serving the food:

Me: What are the vegetables roasted in?

Employer: Just Salt and Pepper in the oven.

Me: So they aren’t cooked in Canola Oil?

Employer: Oh Ya of course they are.

Me: Ill pass.

I really enjoy cooking my own food and controlling the entire process so after that lunch I decided to go a little crazy for dinner tonight.  I went with Ground Lamb and Kale (from my Mom’s backyard garden) cooked in Coconut Oil with onions and Coconut Aminos.  Then I also made 2 fried eggs.  Finished it all up with broccoli and cauliflower roasted in the oven with coconut milk.  Freaking amazing.  I tend to cook simple stuff because it makes my life easy and considering I was going from 6 am and didn’t get home until 8:15 I think its the best way right now.

Now as I said in my last post its time to finish up some mobility work and hit the bed.  The Eastern Conference Finals will be turned off now and I will check the score in the morning.  Stanley Cup Finals…Same Thing.  Sleep is critical so make that a priority.

Make sure to recover properly because it really will pay off.  Recovery includes the mobility work, tissue work, proper diet, hydration, managing stress, and last make sure to sleep.


3, 2, 1, GO!

This first post is gonna be short and sweet.  Just like a good Crossfit WOD.  This blog has been a long time in the making.  Mostly I like to talk about eating properly, sleeping enough, staying stress free, and keeping active at both high intensity (Crossfit) and low intensity (dog walks).  

I like to stay up on the news and different articles especially about health and fitness so those will be posted often on my blog.  What can I say but I am lazy and those people put in a whole bunch of time to study these things and write long articles.  They taught me this in Law School…if I just give the person credit I can use their exact words.  Thats a winning combination right there.  More information and less work.

I will be sharing my own stuff as well like when I eat awesome meals or a WOD just blew me away.  Most of all I want to share my experiences and hope it might help others.  This blog will grow and evolve as I get more accustomed to all of this blogging stuff.  For now I hate to be the old man (at the ripe age of 25) but 10-6 is my sleep time and should be yours too, so get to bed and let the body recover.

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Happy blogging!